About Holt International LLC

Mission Statement

Holt International, Llc exists to provide the global private and military aerospace Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry with the most effective friction enhancing compound: EZ-Grip Friction Drops©, Aircraft Grade designed to help aerospace mechanics quickly install to torque specifications and remove stripped screws/fasteners without tool damage and slippage.

Vision Statement

Inspiring smiles from aerospace mechanics around the globe

Screw extraction, bolt removal, and a tool friction enhancing products in liquid form are our only manufacturing focus. Our goal is to provide the military, commercial, and private consumer markets with the highest quality screw removal, bolt removal and tool friction enhancers on the market at the lowest price. We accomplish this by using biodegradable substances in a unique blending process.


What this means to our military and commercial customers:

This allows us to keep costs down and quality at a high level so our military and commercial customers can experience faster maintenance and less down time with their aerial-based and ground-based systems in their MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul ) operations. Whether in the hanger, service center, deployed and in the field, flight line, or aircraft carrier deck, our specially formulated screw extractor and bolt removal products work quickly, cost effectively, and simply get the job done and the mission accomplished on time.


What this means to the home user:

Extracting screws and removing bolts that have become stubborn or damaged due to oxidation or damage takes less time and is safer for your fingers when your wrench or screw driver has the added torque is needs.  EZ Grip Screw Extractor and Bolt Extractor products are formulated to work fast with no waiting.  Put a drop on the screw head or bolt head or on your screw driver or wrench and jiggle it into position and feel the torque increase. Pulling cable without slipping, turning a pipe without gouging it, driving wood and drywall screws in without chattering the head, removing those ridiculous little screws they put in electronic devices without chewing up the screw head,  it’s all made easy with ©EZ Grip Friction Drops™


What it means to boat maintenance:

Our Marine Grade ©EZ Grip Friction Drops™ are specifically designed for use in wet weather or  in underwater conditions.  Our military uses it on the decks of aircraft carriers where the flight line is often showered with salt water spray.  If you are a boat owner and need to do in-water maintenance use our  Marine screw extractor, bolt remover and save time and frustration.

Easy screw removal is available.  Removing bolts isn’t difficult. Turning pipe is made a breeze. Pulling cable isn’t frustrating.  These statements are a fact because we are focused on making a liquid tool to give you the help you need to do them.

“Made in the USA

Some of our customers

The Blue Angels
Dept. of The Army
Goodrich Aviation
Naval Station Norfolk
Naval Sub Station Groton
Northern Air Cargo
Royal Jet
British Air
Iceland Air
US Airtool

SkyShuttle Macau
Pratt & Whitney
Lockheed Martin
US National Guard
ManTech International Corp
Vin Air
Naval Construction Battalion
Adam Aircraft
Sandy Valley Fasteners
McDonald -Douglas
Sikorsky Aircraft